Updating, Shmupdating

Every so often I check out my site and think “I should do more on this thing.” Today was that day. I updated a few settings changed a picture around and thought “I should write more…hell, I should post a podcast to this!” All grand plans.

I’ve been doing a sports podcast, The South Stands Denver Fancast for nearly 10 years. I have dabbled in doing my own show that veered away from sports, but as usual, other commitments and lack of time, kept me from doing it consistently.

I had this idea to post thoughts as “Too Long for Twitter” since I spend most of my time writing hilarious missives on there. In fact, Twitter has probably ruined my zest for writing as you can type a quick quip, send it out to the world and be happy you got your brief point across.

But “Too Long for Twitter” can be something where instead of giving a confusing, half hearted synopsis on say, your beliefs on immigration, that someone will take out of context and be angry in your mentions for half a day, you can at least take the time to explain yourself.

I said recently (on Twitter) that I had plenty of dumb things to say that wouldn’t go over well on Twitter without the proper context, and I just kept those to myself because you end up just looking like an asshole when you can’t properly explain yourself in the now 280 character limit.

But now, maybe I can expand on those dumb ideas with this resource. Who knows. I just wanted to make sure I still had a website and here I am, wheels turning, ready to take on a new venture.

Or not.